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Urban Knit Limerick Bedford Row 2010 

This was the first large scale project I worked on where I was the lead artist. Previously I worked in art collectives, the cog in the machine of other artist ideas but this artwork was mine. Urban Knit Limerick came from a place of care, the city centre of Limerick was in a crisis with many empty units and at the same time a high number of homeless people. With this project, I wanted to care for one of these empty buildings. With the help of the LSAD ( Limerick School of Art and Design) and Limerick City Council I got access to a beautiful building on Bedford row with large glass windows, Original the idea was to hang the blanket outside the building covering the vacant facade, unfortunately, this was not feasible due to fire regulations and the effect of rain on the wool patches. So a compromise was made and I hung the blanket inside the large windows. I got very lucky and got sponsorship from Vodafone and I got national coverage on 2fm's Jerry Ryan radio show. Both of these helped me get buy-in from many different people, artist, knitters and people just excited about the prospect of bringing involved in such a project. I asked people to knit an A4 patch and send them to me at LSAD. With Vodafone's help, I was able to get these patches sewn together to make a blanket. The City Council paid the insurance and other local businesses help with hanging the large blanket. 
There were over 7000 patches in the blanket with nearly the same about of people getting involved in the project. 
It was exhibited in the building  in Bedforedrow for 2 weeks and when the blanket was taken down the good pieces were made into smaller blacked to be given to the local homeless shelter ( which happens to be right beside the art college)
Some of the blankets were too stretch to be useful as people. So I collaborated with another creative to design this project for Electric Picnic. 
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