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Misadventures of a Good Citizen Ormston House 2013 

Solo Exhibition in Ormston House Limerick. This was a show I developed from some of the artwork from MA Space and the Creative Environment and the Ormston House Team. I was interested in the Irish constitution the year before we had a constitutional referendum and I was always interested in politics. Within my Social Engage Practice, I wanted to work with many different creatives from playwrights to sculptures and to performing artist. My role was to create the framework to look at the Irish Constitution as source material for Art.  I did an open call asked other creatives to write short 500 word plays with the Constitution as the focus. I then worked with sculpture to make the stages and sets. and then I worked with Miles Brean the leading light in Limerick Theather to direct the plays with his Black Dog theatre team. 


Each of the plays where performance 4 times during the run of the show in Ormston House.

(where I also work as a project manager).


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