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Generation for Export The Joinery Dublin 2011

 Solo Exhibition Curated By Mary Conlen

This was an expansion of my artwork from my final year in Sculpture and Combined Media in Limerick School of Art and Design. This work was looking into the financial crisis of 2008 and the increasing emigration from Ireland during this time. This exhibition was hosted in the Joinery in Stony Batter Dublin. This was an unusual space with a mix of the home and industrial. The gallery was a converted form a modest residential building and has some of the features of house others of a workshop.


There were 4 artworks in this exhibition situated in two separate spaces. At the entrance to the show was an Irish passport stamp as a way to connect the audience to the idea of borders between states and transitory spaces. In the front room of the exhibition, there was a going-away party simular to what was happing all over the county at the time. This party was not cleaned up (left for the run of the show) it was like everyone left no one was left to clean up this work has a depressing tone but that mirrored the mood in the country.


In the backroom, which was more like the industrial space of the exhibition.  There was a live performance piece of a young man sleeping on an airport bench waiting to leave. I wanted this work to confront the audience with the sight of a young man waiting to start his life somewhere else like many Irish people had to do in their own life over the years(this was just a new generation for export). The last remaining artwork in this presentation was a recreating of "Many Young Men of Twenty Say Good-Bye"  by Jhon B Kean that I re-recorded and played in the same room with the waiting boy. This re-presenting of an artwork from a different artist but looking at the same issue shows how perianal a problem of emigration is within Ireland and how with every generation some of our population are exported.  

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